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Oven Cleaning

After months of roasting and baking, an oven tends to get fairly grimy. Built-up grease and charred food accumulate and turn into carbon, causing a strong burning smell when cooking. Letting your oven remain coated in carbon can eventually taint your food and even become a fire hazard. It also affects how economic your oven is! More carbon means slower heating times.

So what happens... thats right you plan to spend your holidays... cleaning your oven!! And that's not even the worst. Shop-bought oven cleaning products are caustic, dangerous to you, your oven and the environment.

Have a look at our oven cleaning gallery to see the incredible results obtained by our fully trained oven cleaning technician.

Paulo is fully trained by the Dirtbusters oven cleaning network. We have heated diptanks meaning instead of putting your lovely oven racks into a bag of caustic chemicals we just put them into our gas heated tanks with eco-friendly cleaning products to completely remove grease etc. The inside of your oven is then safely taken apart and cleaned thoroughly including the glass door. You will actually be able to see through it again!!


As well as ovens, we can also clean hobs and extractor fans, replace bulbs and filters. Below is a basic price list for our oven cleans. We do not promise to be the cheapest but we do promise to be fully eco friendly and the best!

Single built in oven
Double built in oven
Extractor hoods
£100 to £120
£3.00 each
Replacement filters

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